Scientific Name
Group : Angiosperm
Family : Pandanaceae
Genus : Pandanus
Species : odoratissimus. Roxb.
Common Name
English Name : Screw-pine
Hindi Name : Keura
Manipuri Name : Ketuki
Other Details
Habit : Spiny rosette shrub
Parts Use : Flower, Leaf
Preparation : Leaves crushed for decoction. Leaves crushed and squeezed for juice.
Mode of use : Decoction, Fresh
Ingredients : Oil from the plant (kewda oil) contains methyl ether of phenyl ethyl alcohol. The oil also contains dipentene, d-linalool, phenyl ethyl acetate, citral, phenylethyl alcohol, alcohol.
Ailment Treated : Leaf extract is given in asthma, cough and leprosy. Flower is prescribed as fungicide and as insect repellent. Leaf decoction is used in blood diseases and as antispasmodic.
Source : Generally grown in both hill and valley areas.