Loyum – lei

Scientific Name
Group : Angiosperm (Dicotyledon)
Family : Capparidaceae
Genus : Crataeva
Species : religiosa Forster.
Common Name
English Name : Thru-leafed capper
Hindi Name : Barna
Manipuri Name : Loyum – lei
Other Details
Habit : A moderate-sized deciduous tree
Parts Use : Whole plant
Preparation : Leaf crushed for decoction.
Mode of use : Fresh
Ingredients : Triterpenoids lupeol and varunol have been isolated from from root and stem bark. The water extract also contains tertiary and quarternery bases including choline. The leaves yield flavonoids including rutin, quercetin and isoquercetin. Cadabicine and its diacetate isolated from the bark.
Ailment Treated : Leaf juice is used in stomach disorders and urinary complaints. Bark is demulcent, stomachic, laxative, antipyretic & tonic. Leaves and roots are rubefacient. Flowers are astringent and cholagogue. Leaf is boiled along with little water and it is applied in muscular sprain.
Source : Wild and cultivated as avenue tree.

Loyum – lei
Loyum – lei