Morok poklaobi / Nura hei

Scientific Name
Group : Angiosperm (Dicotyledon)
Family : Solanaceae
Genus : Physalis
Species : minima Linn.
Common Name
English Name : Country gooseberry
Hindi Name : Tulati pati
Manipuri Name : Morok poklaobi / Nura hei
Other Details
Habit : Spreading herb
Parts Use : Fruit, Leaf
Preparation : Leaf shoot cooked for consumption.
Mode of use : Fresh
Ingredients : Plant contains alkaloids. 5- b, 6-b- Epoxyphysalin B, withaphysalins A, B and C and dihydoxyphysalin are also reported.
Ailment Treated : Leafy shoot cooked eaten in urinary disorder and jaundice. Fruits and leaves are tonic and purgative. The plant is bitter, sweet, cooling, expectorant, appetizing, burning sensation, ulcer, cough and bronchitis.
Source : Extensively grown in wild habitat prominently along the road sides and grazing grounds.

Morok poklaobi / Nura hei
Morok poklaobi / Nura hei