Scientific Name
Group : Angiosperm (Dicotyledon)
Family : Passifloraceae
Genus : Passiflora
Species : edulis Sims.
Common Name
English Name : Passion fruit
Hindi Name : -
Manipuri Name : Radhika-nachom/Shitaphal
Other Details
Habit : Glabrous twiner
Parts Use : Fruits and Leaves
Preparation : Fruit crushed for juice. Fruit can be made into drinks and fermented liquor. Leaves soaked into water for infusion.
Mode of use : Fresh, Infusion
Ingredients : Leaf and stem contain new cyanogenic glycosides b-D-allopyranosyloxy-2-phenylacetonitrite and 25-b-D-allopyranosyloxy-2-phenylacetonitrite.
Ailment Treated : Fruit juice helps in digestion. Leaf infusion is soothing. Ripe fruit is eaten raw for normal blood pressure.
Source : Cultivated in home gardens and firms. Sold in the market.