Ador gulap

Scientific Name
Group : Angiosperm (Dicotyledon)
Family : Rosaceae
Genus : Rosa
Species : chinensis Jacq.
Common Name
English Name : Rose
Hindi Name : Gulab
Manipuri Name : Ador gulap
Other Details
Habit : Profused spiny shrub
Parts Use : Flower, Fruit
Preparation : Flower (petals) are soaked for infusion. Fruits crushed & squeezed for juice.
Mode of use : Fresh, Local Application
Ingredients : Gallic acid isolated fron flowers. Seed oils contain fatty acids C18 (10.7), C20 (81.6) and C22 (11.7%) Gallic acid showed fungistatic property.
Ailment Treated : Flower (patel) infusion is used as laxative. Fruit juice, used for treatment of wounds, sprains and ulcers.
Source : Generally cultivated as ornamental plants

Ador gulap
Ador gulap