Scientific Name
Group : Angiosperm (Dicotyledon)
Family : Malphiaghiaceae
Genus : Hiptage
Species : benghalensis Kurz.
Common Name
English Name : Clustered hiptage
Hindi Name : Madhavilata
Manipuri Name : Madhabi
Other Details
Habit : Shrub/small tree
Parts Use : Bark, Flower, Leaf
Preparation : Leaf crushed with water for juice/extract.
Mode of use : Local Application, Fresh
Ingredients : Bark contains a crystalline glucoside, hiptagin. The bark also contains tannin (8.5%) and mongiferin.
Ailment Treated : The bark, leaves and flowers are aromatic, astringent, refrigerant, expectorant, cardio tonic and anti inflammatory. Leaf extract is used in cutaneous diseases. Leaf juice is used as an insecticide and useful in scabies.
Source : Cultivated/wild.