Mayur pambi

Scientific Name
Group : Pteridophyte
Family : Polypodiaceae /Adiantaceae
Genus : Adiantum
Species : capillus veneris Linn.
Common Name
English Name : Maiden hair fern
Hindi Name : Hasraj
Manipuri Name : Mayur pambi
Other Details
Habit : Slender spreading herb
Parts Use : Leaf
Preparation : Leaves soaked in water for infusion. Leaves simmered for decoction. Fresh leaves crushed for paste. Leaves boiled with wine for tincture preparation.
Mode of use : Decoction and Local Application
Ingredients : The fern contains 3-a, 4-a-epoxy-filicane, 21-hydroxyadiantone and adiantone. It also contains an essential oil.
Ailment Treated : Fresh leaf paste is applied in poisonous bites and burns (local application). Leaves boiled with wine is given in hard tumours of the spleen, liver and other viscera. Leaf infusion is useful for digestion and regulation of menstrual cycles. Leaf prevents falling of hair so used as a hair lotion.
Source : Generally grown in both hills and valley areas mainly in moist shady places.

Mayur pambi
Mayur pambi