Meitei morok

Scientific Name
Group : Angiosperm (Dicotyledon)
Family : Solanaceae
Genus : Capsicum
Species : annum Linn.
Common Name
English Name : Chilli
Hindi Name : Lalmorich
Manipuri Name : Meitei morok
Other Details
Habit : Tall erect herb
Parts Use : Fruit, Leaf
Preparation : Fruit is used as a spice. Fruit crushed with water for juice.
Mode of use : Decoction, Fresh
Ingredients : Fruits yield an oleoresin. The major constituent of the oleoresin is capsaicin.
Ailment Treated : Decoction of leaves is good for gargling. Consumption of small quantities of fresh fruit will stimulate appetite. Juice of fruit is used in throat diseases and tonsillitis.
Source : Cultivated extensively in both hills and valley.

Meitei morok
Meitei morok