Scientific Name
Group : Angiosperm (Dicotyledon)
Family : Rosaceae
Genus : Pyrus
Species : communis Linn.
Common Name
English Name : Chinese pear
Hindi Name : -
Manipuri Name : Naspati
Other Details
Habit : Bulk- canopy tree
Parts Use : Fruit
Preparation : Fruit crushed with water for juice.
Mode of use : Fresh
Ingredients : Fruit contains organic acids ( 0.24%), carbohydrates (19%), protiens (4.4%) and amino acids. Leaves contain kaempterol, heart wood contains dihydrokaemp- feride, prudomesin, lencoan thocyanidin, rhamnose, xylose, arabinose, galactose and aromadendrin.
Ailment Treated : Fruit is astringent, sweet taste and cardiac tonic. Juice of fruit is used for increasing intelligent and memory power. Unripe fruit is used as astringent and for urinary problems.
Source : Generally cultivated in home gardens.