Scientific Name
Group : Angiosperm (Monocotyledon)
Family : Poaceae
Genus : Dactyloctenium
Species : aegypticum. Beauv.
Common Name
English Name : -
Hindi Name : Makara /Makra.
Manipuri Name : Pungphai
Other Details
Habit : Tufted evergreen grass
Parts Use : Fruit & Leaf
Preparation : Leaves crushed for decoction. Grains are crushed into powder for consumption. Leaves crushed for juice. Add a few drops of honey. Very good fodder. It is also used in certain religious ceremonies.
Mode of use : Decoction, Fresh & Local Application
Ingredients : The grass contains oxalic acid (0.06%).
Ailment Treated : Leaf decoction paste is prescribed in fever and was used for small pox. Grain powders are given to women suffering from belly-ache after child-birth. Leaf juice given for fever.
Source : Extensively grown in wild habitat.