Takhelei angouba

Scientific Name
Group : Angiosperm (Monocotyledon)
Family : Zingiberaceae
Genus : Hedychium
Species : coronarium Koenig.
Common Name
English Name : Common ginger lily
Hindi Name : Safed sitruti
Manipuri Name : Takhelei angouba
Other Details
Habit : Rhizomatous aromatic erect herb
Parts Use : Rhizome & Leaf
Preparation : Leaves are crushed for decoction. Rhizome crushed for paste. Rhizome boiled for extract and paste. Fresh rhizome crushed for soup. Flower offered in certain religious ceremonies. Rhizome occasionally eaten in traditional chutney.
Mode of use : Decoction & Fresh
Ingredients : Rhizome yield an arrowroot like starch and a volatile oil. The major constituents like, linalool, methyl benzoate, eugenol, etc. are reported in the flower
Ailment Treated : Leaf decoction is used as a gargling tonic. Rhizome paste is useful for application on swellings, bruises and sprains. Boiled Rhizome is taken against cough, fever. Fresh rhizome is eaten against cough, fever and dizziness.
Source : Generally grown in humid areas of valley and low-altitude hills.

Takhelei angouba
Takhelei angouba