Scientific Name
Group : Angiosperm (Dicotyledon)
Family : Nymphaeaceae
Genus : Nymphaea
Species : stellata Willd.
Common Name
English Name : India blue water lily
Hindi Name : Nilpadma
Manipuri Name : Thariktha
Other Details
Habit : Aquatic rooting herb
Parts Use : Leaf, Flower, Root
Preparation : Rhizomes and tender leaves used as vegetable. Flowers crushed for decoction. Leaves crushed with water for extract. Dried root stock ground into powder.
Mode of use : Local Application, Decoction, Fresh
Ingredients : Plant contains ursolic, betulinic, oleanolic scids, b-sitosterol, b-amyrin and quercetin.
Ailment Treated : Leaf extract is applied on burns. Root stock powder is given in dyspepsia, diarrhoea and piles. Decoction of flower is narcotic and used in palpitation of heart. Seeds are stomachic and restorative. Petiole paste along with little common salt, seed powder of Cuminum cymunum, butter and few drops of honey is taken against excessive menstrual discharge.
Source : Generally grown in fresh water bodies; occasionally cultivated in ponds.