Chigonglei namthibi

Scientific Name
Group : Angiosperm (Dicotyledon)
Family : Mimosaceae
Genus : Acacia
Species : farnesiana Willd.
Common Name
English Name : Cassie flower
Hindi Name : Vilayti kikar /Gandh-babul
Manipuri Name : Chigonglei namthibi
Other Details
Habit : Spiny profuse small tree
Parts Use : Bark, Flower, Leaf & Pod
Preparation : Tender pods crushed for decoction. Bark crushed with ginger for decoction. Tender leaves used in chutneys.
Mode of use : Decoction and Fresh
Ingredients : Pods contain tannin (23%). Seeds contain a fatty oil. Flower containing benzaldehyde, salicyclic acid, methyl salicylate and essential oil. The ripe pods contain gallic acid, ellagic acid, kaempferol and naringenin.
Ailment Treated : Bark is astringent and demulcent. Gum from stem is a good tonic and employed in confectionary. Flowers are the source of cassie perfume. Decoction of the bark together with ginger is an astringent wash for the teeth to cure bleeding gum. Tender leaves are bruised with a little water and swallowed in gonorrhoea. Tender pod decoction paste is applied in ringworm. Seed oil is used in gout and muscular sprain.
Source : Wild and grown in the valley.

Chigonglei namthibi
Chigonglei namthibi