Scientific Name
Group : Angiosperm (Dicotyledon)
Family : Caesalpiniaceae
Genus : Cassia
Species : alata Linn.
Common Name
English Name : Ring worm senna
Hindi Name : Dadmurdan
Manipuri Name : Daopata
Other Details
Habit : Shrub
Parts Use : Flower, Leaf, Fruit
Preparation : Fresh leaves crushed for paste. Fresh leaves crushed & squeezed for juice. Flower and leaves crushed for decoction.
Mode of use : Decoction, Fresh, Local Application
Ingredients : The leaves contain anthraglucosides, chrysophanic acid and rhein, chrysophanol, emodin, rhein and glucosides of rhein and aloe-emodin from leaves and fruits.
Ailment Treated : Leaf paste/juice is applied on ring worm and pustules, skin troubles and snake bite. Flower and leaf decoction is given in asthma, bronchitis, diabetes and for washing eczematous patches.
Source : Extensively grown in wild habitat in valley areas.